Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

TLDR: I pulled a permit for my house, now the inspectors are looking for more things wrong with my house than the permit pertains to. I want them out. What are the repercussions to letting the permit expire? I plan to sell the house sometime in the future, but I don't believe I will have any issues with selling. I live in Clearwater, FL.

Originally pulled a permit to remodel a bathroom. Bathroom originally held the breaker box, so I rotated 180 to be with code. Had power company come out and kill power while I remodeled the breakers, then they claimed they would not return power unless I had it inspected. City inspector approved of my work, but said I needed to redo my home's wiring to come up to code (no grounds in any branch circuits) before he would sign off the rough-in.

Can the inspector even go looking for issues like this?

Now I've got all my walls torn off in my entire house down to studs. My scope-of-work at the permitting office still says "remodeling bathroom." I get the electrical all caught up and call the inspector — I get a fill-in inspector because my regular inspector is on vacation. New inspector passes my electrical rough, then says he can also service my framing inspection after I update my scope-of-work with the permitting office. I explain to him I've done no work to the frame but he points out some draft points to the attic and says they need filled in (prevention of attic fire), again –

Can the inspector even go looking for issues?

So now I'm sitting with all my walls off, looking at getting 1) Framing inspections, 2) drywall inspections, and 3) final electrical inspections on all my wiring, and being asked to make it official in updating the scope-of-work. Kinda feel like I've been roped into some scheme…

So my final question is this: What happens if I just drop the permit? If I don't call out any more inspectors, just put my walls back up, and then someday somebody at the permitting office realizes my permit expired – what are the consequences? I live in Clearwater, FL.