Garmaine Staff asked 3 years ago

The previous owners of our house badly negelegted the jetted tub. We recently corrected a large number of pluming issues with the tub, and are in the process of trying to get the lines to run clean.

I've tried the traditional dish detergent as is suggested, and then I went to harsher chemicals. I've tried multiple bottles of "Oh Yuk" cleaner and some amount of grime comes out, but then, after its drained, black flecks still come out.

I tried "Oh Yuks" harsher treatment, with more chemicals and letting it soak for 24 hours. I even ran the jet on and off for probably a total run time of 2 hours during this time. Still, when I was done and ran the jets, black flecks came out.

Is there a product I can use that will clean this out?