Garmaine Staff asked 2 years ago

I found several other questions about this but most had answers about it being a code violation. I don't care about that, my house doesn't need to be up to code. It's an off-grid property and I need to run an extension cord through the wall so that I can run a generator outside and power things inside. It seems most logical to run it down into the crawlspace and then outside, but I don't want to bore a hole big enough for the end of the extension cord. I'm a bit hesitant to try cutting a power cord. Also someone said something about it being unsafe to run an extension cord in such a small hole. What would be a safe solution here? The generator is only 1250-watts so I won't be running anything more through it. I would appreciate some ideas.

I'm just looking for a cheap way to run electronics in my house off a generator without gassing myself out, causing leaks/drafts or starting a fire. Surely someone has a workable solution.