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enter image description hereI have an exterior light circuit for 2 detached buildings (house and shop). I have a new detached garage that I want to include in the light circuit. It has its own subpanel, and it has wiring that connects to the existing exterior lights (but not the control wiring, i.e. the travellers that run between 3-way switches). I would like to add a wireless switch in the new garage to control the existing exterior light circuit. The distance from the new switch location to a 4-way switch in the existing exterior light circuit is about 20 feet. The distance to the 3-way switches that control the exterior light circuit is 50 feet or more. The distance between wireless devices is limited to 25-30 feet according to Lutron documents. However, I cannot find a true wireless 4-way switch to replace the existing 4-way switch. Does one exist?